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The Universidade Metodista de São Paulo – UMESP, located in the city of São Bernardo do Campo – one of the centers of social, political and economic transformations of Brazil, is one of the most recognized centers of higher education and postgraduate studies in the country.

UMESP’s began with the foundation of the Theology program in 1938 and, by strengthening the commitment to education, expanded the number of colleges and programs offered and achieved its University status by the year 1997.

The institution has the mission of effectively participating in the education of people, exerting power of influence and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life. In eight decades of history, the University has sought, through the tripod of Teaching, Research and Extension, to provide its students with a complete professional training.

The institution offers: Undergraduate studies on site and at distance categories, Specializations, Graduate studies and Short Term Programs.

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