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GranberyThe Faculdade Metodista Granbery is the oldest educational institution in the Zona da Mata Mineira. Granbery’s history began in 1889, with the foundation of Colégio Metodista Granbery in Juiz de Fora.

Seeking to broaden Methodist Education’s reach in Brazil, in 1890 Granbery offered its first undergraduate program, and formed the first theologians and educators of the country. Despite its importance, Granbery interrupted the project of higher education in 1939.

In 1999, after 60 years, higher education was once again part of the Granbery reality, with the Business Administration program. Nowadays, the catalog of courses is still growing. Granbery Higher education is a differential in Juiz de Fora because it presents a philosophy that integrates education, citizenship and faith.

The institution offers: Undergraduate studies, Specializations and Short Term Programs.

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