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CEO answers

Interview with Robson Ramos de Aguiar, CEO of Brazilian Methodist Education

What is the Brazilian Methodist Education and what is its mission?
The Brazilian Methodist Education has been present for over a hundred years in Brazil and its mission is to educate people with ethical and Christian values, contributing to society’s improvement.

Which activities does Brazilian Methodist Education promote?
Currently, the Brazilian Methodist Education promotes activities through Higher Education, online programs and Basic Education. In higher education, we have six unities: two universities, two university centers and two colleges. We have over a hundred educational centers throughout the country to offer on line courses and 14 schools acting in basic education.

What are the plans for Brazilian Methodist Education?
Our plan is to continue growing always observing three bases: confessionality, management and quality improvement.

What are the differentials that the confessional Methodist Education offers to its students and to society?
We are convinced of the value of our Wesleyan tradition, therefore confessionality is our differential and, because of that, we structure all of our institutions around it. Through confessionality, we work different themes of character building and ethical-Christian values.

What is the importance of covenants and partnerships to teaching institutions?
Last year (2017), we opened our branch of Brazilian Methodist Education in the United States. The institution will be responsible for all the educational partnerships. For example, educational projects with the United Methodist Church and churches of Wesleyan tradition and their institutions; credit unions in the US, such as American Credit Union; the Roberts Wesleyan College; we will also close partnerships with the IAMSCU and ALAIME through this institution.